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✎ Hello, and welcome. You can call me the Cleric, or whatever you prefer. This is a little safe haven for anyone on the internet who may need one. On this website you can expect to find things about my specific comforts, including, but not limited to: a lot of Byler stuff, blog posts, and just whatever I feel like adding.
I'll probably add more here once I have a more concrete plan for this website. :)
Have fun, and stay safe. Make sure to take care of yourself. We all love you <3

a little about me...

the cleric/clerical/cloudy - he/him - byler truther since 2019
I'm currently a highschool student that loves to draw, play various instruments, and develop websites. I've only been learning HTML for around 6 months, so I'm still not super good at it. I actually have two websites, but I wanted to keep them seperate (but if you're super nosy, it shouldn't be too hard for you to find my main website). I love Tally Hall, Stranger Things, and big comfy sweaters.

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☆ updates... ☆

✎ august 8, 2022 : site layout is starting to form.
✎ august 7, 2022 : started working on this site.
✎ june 14, 2022 : site is created.